Keiji Haino
Born in 1952 in Chiba, Japan. One of Japan’s leading avant garde musicians. Active since the 1970s,
he is an ambitious musician who continuously seeks new styles. His challenging experimental works
have been highly regarded not only inside Japan but also internationally. The number of records and
CDs he has released easily exceeds 100 titles.

His main choice of instruments is the guitar and vocals. In addition to the Hurdy Gurdy, he also plays over 100 other types of Western and ethnic instruments.


宇都宮泰 (うつのみややすし)

アフターディナーや少年ナイフ、トクサノカンダカラart bears 「the art box」)など、

Yasushi Utsunomia

Active as a musician and music producer from the 1970s. In each of his projects, such as After Dinner,
Shonen-knife, Tokusa-No-Kandakara (Art Bears “The Art Box”), he has advanced original music theories and developed and introduced acoustic systems that are connected directly to musical expressions.The fusion of unique artistry and high quality technology that he has accomplished has gained high valuations in and out of Japan. He is well known as a hermetic quester of sound. His goal is to create the ultimate form of music.