宇都宮泰 (うつのみや やすし)  

アフターディナーや少年ナイフ、JON & UTSUNOMIA「( )」、トクサノカンダカラart bears 「the art box」)など、

Yasushi Utsunomia  

Active as a musician and music producer from the 1970s.
In each of his projects, such as After Dinner,Shonen-knife,JON & UTSUNOMIA「( )」, Tokusa-No-Kandakara (Art Bears “The Art Box”),
he has advanced original music theories and developed and introduced acoustic systems that are connected directly to musical expressions.
The fusion of unique artistry and high quality technology that he has accomplished has gained high valuations in and out of Japan.
He is well known as a hermetic quester of sound.
His goal is to create the ultimate form of music.

川崎弘二(かわさき こうじ)


Koji Kawasaki

- Born in Osaka in 1970
- Completed PhD in Dentistry at the Graduate School of Osaka Dental University in 1994

- Nihon no Denshiongaku (Japanese Electronic Music), 2006
- Nihon no Denshiongaku Zohokaiteiban (Japanese Electronic Music second edition), 2009

三輪眞弘(みわ まさひろ)

1985年ハムバッヒャー国際作曲コンクール(ド イツ)佳作、1989年第10回入野賞第1位、1991年「今日の音楽・作曲賞」第2位、

Masahiro Miwa  

- Composer,born in Tokyo in 1958
- Began performing music in a band formed with friends upon entering Tokyo Metropolitan High School in 1974.
- Relocated to Germany in 1978 where he learned musical composition from Yun I-sang at Berlin University of the Arts, and from 1985  studied under Gunther Becker at the University of Music, Duesseldorf.
- Began studying computers in 1986, and since then has been primarily focused on using computers to create his musical  compositions.
- Recipient of the Hambacher Prize (Germany,1985); the Irino Prize (Japan,1989); second place in the Music Today Composition  Contest (Japan,1991); first place in the Concorso Internationale Luigi Russoro (Italy,1992); the Muramatsu Award (Japan,1995); the  Akutagawa Award for Music Composition (Japan,2004), and the Golden Nicas for Digital Music in the Arts Electronica Award  (Austria,2007).
- Currently teaches as a professor at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences.

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岸野雄一(きしの ゆういち)

学生時代よりポピュラー・ミュージック全般に携わる活動を続けている。現在、WATTS TOWERSやヒゲの未亡人などのユニットで活躍中。
自身がプロデュースするレーベル"Out One Disc"を主催。東京藝術大学大学院・映像研究科にて映画音楽論を、

Yuichi Kishino       

- Born in 1963 in Tokyo- As a 'studiest', a term he adapted from the English 'study' to describe his work as a musician, actor and writer, he has been contributing to the field of popular music since he was in University
- Is currently active in bands including 'WATTS TOWERS' and 'Hige no Mibojin'
- Runs 'Out One Disc', a record label where he also works as a producer
- Teaches Film Music Theory and Sound Design Theory at the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts
- Works as a co-ordiater of the Aesthetics of Music Course at The Film School of Tokyo